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AutoCAD (Civil)

“Design your way to success with AutoCAD precision!”

AutoCAD Syllabus

I. Introduction to AutoCAD for Civil Engineers

  • Overview of AutoCAD and its uses in civil engineering
  • User interface, commands, and tools
  • Setting up and configuring AutoCAD for civil engineering drawings

  • II. 2D Drawing Techniques

  • Creating and editing basic geometry (lines, arcs, circles, etc.)
  • Dimensioning and scaling
  • Creating and managing layers
  • Annotating and labelling drawings

  • III. 3D Modeling Techniques

  • Creating and editing 3D geometry (extrusions, sweeps, lofts, etc.)
  • Working with solids, surfaces, and meshes
  • Creating and editing 3D models using cut sections
  • Importing and exporting 3D models from other software

  • IV. AutoCAD Practical Sessions

  • Creating 2D and 3D models of real-world civil engineering projects
  • Applying civil engineering design principles to AutoCAD drawings
  • Working with design standards and guidelines
  • Creating and managing construction drawings

  • V. Rendering and Presentation

  • Applying materials and textures to 3D models
  • Creating realistic lighting and shadows
  • Rendering and outputting final images and animations for presentation
  • Using AutoCAD with other software for rendering and presentation

  • VI. Free Demo Lecture

  • An introductory lecture covering AutoCAD basics for civil engineering drawings
  • Interactive session with instructor to ask questions and clarify concepts

  • VII. Online Examination

  • Assessment of students’ knowledge and skills in AutoCAD for civil engineering drawings
  • 100% practical exam based on real-world scenarios and projects

  • VIII. Practical Lectures

  • Lectures covering advanced topics and techniques in AutoCAD for civil engineering
  • Interactive sessions with instructor to work on real-world projects and applications