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AutoCAD Syllabus

Duration – 60 hours


Introduction to CAD

Introduction to Computer System and Operating System

AutoCAD 2D and Tools

Dimensions, Advanced features of Dimensions

Dimensions Setting Meter and fees

AutoCAD Drawing Editor

Co-ordinate system and angular measurements

Basic Drawing commands

Basic Editing commands

Advanced Draw commands and concept

New concepts of drawing management

Concept of Layers

Drawing conventions

Feet to Meter & Meter to Feet

Texts, Advanced text & Tables

Hatches & Gradients

2D Interior and Exterior

Standardization for commonly used symbols and libraries [Blocks]

PDF to CAD and CAD to PDF Convert

Templates Design Layouts

Printing Techniques

Weekly Test and Submission

Final Project


Introduction of 3D concepts

Conversion of  CAD 2D Objects to 3D Objects

Conversion of  CAD 3D Objects to 2D Objects

3D Cylindrical & Spherical coordinate systems

Techniques of 3D objects (Box, Wedge, Cone, Sphere, Cylinder, Pyramid, Torus etc.)

Advanced techniques of 3D objects (Revolve, Sweep, Loft, Extrude etc.)

Complex modeling using Boolean Operations

Concept and uses of UCS

Generating 3D Views (Isometric & Orbit rotate)

Setting of Visual styles (Wire-frames 2D/3D, Conceptual, Realistic)

Rendering concepts (Lights, Materials, Mapping & Cameras)

Final Project